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Visual and Musical Selections Fleshed in Color sometimes themed: Swans, Infinite Mirrors and Smokey Reflections, Richard H. Kirk, Belgium House (80s and 90s), Piano House, Chuck Berry, How to make Poke, Trump Inauguration, Peeps 2017, The Chicken.




MIX for SiSters BK #16

"WHAt's UP w/ CHUCK (Berry)?" for the LOT RADIO

"Brazilian Postcards" for The LOT RADIO

"Trump Inauguration Show" for the LOT RADIO


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The only grasshopper I’ve ever seen in Brooklyn jumped between Christine Renée and me at The Lot. Christine greeted the insect, “hello sweet heart,” as I snapped a photo. She wondered aloud about it’s meaning, and sent a link later that day. An image of the musical insect was accompanied by the words, “Art finds kingdoms in a foot of ground.”

Read the Ravelin Magazine Article Here

Text: Karisa Senavitis
Photo: Kat Slootsky


Village VOICE

"It was to be the night of a thousand Peaches, but in the end there was only one. And boy, was she lookin’ good. DJ Christine Renee, bravely donning a beard à la the Mulleted One’s Fatherfucker album cover, found herself the sole contestant for last Wednesday’s Peaches look-alike contest at the Coral Room.

'You lame West Side motherfuckers!' chided host Misstress Formika..."

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CHRISTINE RENEE is a Brooklyn based artist, DJ, radio show host and sound healer hailing from Austin, TX. The daughter of a guitar player and record collector, she was born immersed in a nectar of music.

She moved from Texas to New York in 2001 and spent her days working at an East Village Record store while her nights were spent in the then emerging New Disco and House scenes. NYC dive bars are where she both trained herself as a DJ and captured the spirit of an era that will always be remembered as enchanting and vibrant. 

Since 2016 she’s hosted a bi-monthly show on the Lot Radio which reveals a curiosity for the common threads of culture and history in different genres of music: how and why does it make people vibrate?

In Tuning, a series of performance/sound installations which she and collaborators explore the power of sound simplified to single notes and continuous cords, coalescing the worlds of sound healing, sound art, performance art, and dance. These installations have been part of group shows in Iceland, New Jersey and featured in the Opus Merriweather Festival of Maryland.

She also assists Chief Jake Singer Sr., a Vietnam Veteran and Sundance Chief from the Navajo nation in hosting a talk show called RADIO4RELEATIVES with DJ Nathan Corbin aka Zebrablood. R4R is spiritual ecology interpreted by keepers of traditional knowledge and environmental activists.

Christine Renee has played with Philip Glass, Nicky Siano, and Maurice Fulton, and will soon start as a resident curator at the Brooklyn club/community center: Public Records.

christine @ christine renee . net


Current WORK


Tuning/Centripetal is a series of live performances in which Christine Renée uses human tuning forks designed for healing by Dr. John Beaulieu. These forks affect light and sound waves in the human body which have specific effects on the foca. Christine plays this instrument in various contexts and mediums using film, sound design, and collaborates with other artists creating site-specific adaptations of the series.

Group Shows

That's Not It

Constructive Interference
Sound by Jim Toth
Recordist Mike Amacio
Aug 19th - Sept 2nd 2017

Collision Interference
Performance by Artists Peter Fonda and Christine Renée
Duration 20 min

August 19, 2017


Hjalteyri, Iceland

Install, Performance and Video (co-produced with Alex Czetwertynski)
Duration 1h 20min

Aug 3rd - Sept 11th 2017



Every other Friday Christine Renée hosts a show on The Lot Radio. Her shows are unique in that they make use of the web-cam, live video format. She directly engages with the camera, decorates the space and chooses different themes expressed musically and visually. She some times dresses like The Disco Chicken.




RADIO4RELATIVES is a monthly video-radio show "aired" on the Lot Radio. The show provides a platform from which indigenous communities members can speak and be heard the world over. It is hosted by Christine Renée and NY based DJs Zebrablood. Past guests have included Navajo elder and Vietnam veteran, Chief Jake Singer.


The origins are mysterious, but this is documented: First seen in Los Angeles twelve years ago. Chicken's Instagram