Lot Radio 02 01 2019

1. Stumbling In - Suzie Quatro
2. Level Off - Night Tempo
3. Cool Harbor - The Orb
4. Thinking of You
5. RSW @18:40
6. Tchori Tchori - Marlui Miranda
7. Give Me Some Love (Andy Wetherall Mix) - Love Corporation
8. Jay's in Rotterdam
9. NU Money Penny 
10. Micro-Gravity - Larry Heard
11. Reach 
12. Luna Party - DJ Harvey and Gerry Rooney
13. Cathedrals - D.C. LaRue
14. Love Machine - Supermax
15. Beyond the Clouds - Mr. Fingers
16. DJ Josh McClintock (LA)
17. HOUSE Back & Forth
18. RECORD TBerry
19. 2 Puerto Ricans A Blackman and A Dominican
20. Old Ravey tune
21. Freaky - Soho
22. Old House


Lot Radio NYE 2019 in
Times Square

Lot Radio was invited to occupy an abandoned bank branch in the heart of Times Square all of Dec 2018 by the Times Square Arts’ Alliance.

This set was recorded live behind bullet proof glass while Snoop Dawg and the New Kids on the Block played on stage before a nation of billions.

It was at 6pm aka: MiDnIghT in Europe.

Let the Party begin.


Tribute to Aretha Franklin

Assembled the night of her death for live broadcast the next day, Christine Renee pays tribute to the Queen of Soul, rounded out with snippets from The Queen’s father while preaching to an assembly and other motaged audio amid an unusual selection of Aretha’s work. 

Live from Mangiami, NYC

This Is No Dance Party/Mika Is My Japanese Sister/Reunion Tour 2010

John Franco is a bit of an underground legend in NY nightlife, maybe. But he threw some great parties from his Italian restaurant on Stanton St, back in the day.

Tony Humphries, Jason Spun, Harvey, Justin V, Tim Sweeney… we think they all play there, can’t remember. If they did, it was on those bunk turntables and one of those mixers stolen from a dusty record store that doesn’t have a bathroom, and they all had the time of their careers.

Day for Night Live-set

Philip Glass followed Christine Renee’s set opening for the Day for Night festival out of Houston, TX (2016 - 2018).

Trixie’s on TWA

Dedicated to her Aunt Trixie.

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