Tuning/Centripetal is a series of live performances by Christine Renee using human tuning forks designed by Dr. John Beaulieu. These forks affect light and sound waves in the human body to bring about healing. Christine plays this instrument in various contexts and mediums using film, sound design, and collaborates with other artists creating site-specific adaptations of the series.

Group Shows:

That's Not It

Constructive Interference
Sound by Jim Toth
Recordist Mike Amacio
Aug 19th - Sept 2nd 2017

Collision Interference
Performance by Artists Peter Fonda and Christine Renee
Duration 20 min

August 19, 2017


Hjalteyri, Iceland

Install, Performance and Video (co-produced with Alex Czetwertynski)
Duration 1h 20min

Aug 3rd - Sept 11th 2017


The Lot Radio

Every other Friday Christine Renee hosts a show on The Lot Radio. Her shows are unique in that they make use of the web-cam, live video format. She directly engages with the camera, decorates the space and chooses different themes expressed musically and visually. She some times dresses like The Chicken, a mythic creature born in 2006.



In 2005 Christine Renee and Alex Czetwertynski agreed to help artist Agathe Snow produce a film. Inspired by Sydney Pollack's They Shoot Horse Don't They? Snow aimed to stage a 3 day dance marathon that would house the downtown kids who comprised the post 9-11 NYC arts scene. It was called Stamina. It lasted 36 hours and has been described as a watershed moment for the community it documents; a beginning and an end. 

Group Show: Live Through This (Dietch Gallery) - Art Basil Miami (2005) 
Solo Showing: The Guggenheim (2015)

Deitch Art Parade 

Disco Chicken and Donkey (artist Mika Parla), A troop of DJs carrying life-size likeness of themselves, guitables, giant Dj paraphernalia: needles, headphones, etc. This was a synthesis of Disco Chicken and The DJ Affair Collection.

Group Show: Deitch Art Parade (2007)


The origins are mysterious, but this is documented: First seen in Los Angeles (2006)


THE DJ AFFAIR Collection

Christine Renee started this on-going project in the dawn of digital music's coming of age. She and partner Senz photographed and reproduced DJs in Paris, NY, Mexico and New York creating life-size, cutout DJ replicants in black and white halftone prints wheat pasted to foam core and sometimes brick walls. 

The project was born, in part from a reaction to the then growing popularity of hiring female djs play in boutiques, pop-ups and gallery openings simply because they are female. In these cases, the client has very little interest in the DJ's work, but knows that aesthetically she fulfills the desired "look and feel" of the event.

With a DJ Affair cutout, female DJs can accept these jobs without sacrificing their artistic integrity by letting their doppelgänger stand behind the decks at an event and do the "work" of looking pretty while pre-mixed music pipes through the store.

Shown at:

NYC Brunch Party - A weekly instal/event at rotating locations NY (2003-2004)
in collaboration with Senz and Agathe Snow
Group Show: Draft - Agnes B Gallery Paris (2004)
Gorilla Style Instal: Moma PS1 for DJ Harvey's Warm-UP Gig NY (2005)
Group Show: Dietch Gallery Art Parade NY (2007)

Past DJ Residencies

New York: Swim Bar, Lit, Kate's Joint, Sway/Retail Mafia Mondays, Avalon, Soho and Tribeca Grand Hotels, Gansevoort Hotel.
Marquee and Happy Valley

Los Angeles: Standard Hotels, Custom Hotel, House of Blues

Las Vegas: DJ and Talent Booker for the Chandelier Bar at the Cosmopolitan Hotel (2011)